Which Restaurants Have Won the Diners Choice Award?

The Diners Choice Award is an independent list based on the quality and quantity of online diner reviews. The list is created by analyzing more than 400,000 new diner reviews per month to determine which restaurants have achieved the highest quality and number of reviews. This list is a great way to identify restaurants that have the highest levels of customer satisfaction. To determine the winners of the award, the following are the key factors to consider. Read on to discover which restaurants have won the award and why.

OpenTable’s “Diners’ Choice Award”

The annual “Diners’ Choice Awards” list honors the best restaurants in the world based on feedback from diners. The awards are based on reservation numbers and thousands of reviews. This year’s list includes restaurants in the New York/Tri-State Area. The winners are selected based on real feedback from diners. The list is a useful tool for deciding where to dine.

The OpenTable “Diners’ Choice Awards” recognize restaurants that consistently deliver outstanding service. The list is based on diner feedback and reviews from more than five million customers who have confirmed their reservation at a restaurant. The company’s users have verified more than 450,000 restaurant reviews to create the list. By looking at the feedback of diners, these award-winning restaurants have a higher chance of receiving repeat business from customers.

Number of reviews a restaurant receives

OpenTable’s Diners’ Choice awards honor outstanding restaurants based on the quality and quantity of their customer feedback. These lists are updated monthly and reflect the most recent information. The list is based on verified feedback from over 400,000 diners who make reservations on the site. OpenTable analyzes more than 400,000 new restaurant reviews each month and ranks these based on those reviews. This is a good sign when looking for a new restaurant.

According to TripAdvisor’s survey, more than 90% of US diners read online reviews before making a dining decision. The same goes for diners in Spain, Italy, and France. Eighty-seven percent of UK diners are influenced by online reviews. Those numbers are much higher for restaurants that have received the coveted award. But even more important, a restaurant’s online reviews must be excellent to win the award.

Quality of reviews a restaurant receives

The Diners Choice award recognizes outstanding restaurants, and is based on the number and quality of diner reviews on OpenTable. It is a great way to know what your customers are saying about your restaurant. OpenTable analyzes over 400,000 new reviews per month to determine which restaurants are worthy of the award. To win the award, you must have a minimum of two qualifying reviews from a variety of sources.

Winners of the award

The list of award winners for the Best Restaurants in America includes restaurants in thirty-nine states and Washington, D.C. California has the most winners, with 15 in total, while New York and Texas have seven and six, respectively. Illinois, Missouri, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington, D.C. have each nominated two restaurants. Each of these states is ranked by the number of award winners in its restaurant category.

The list is compiled by diners like you, who have made reservations for a given restaurant. It includes restaurants that have received more than 450,000 reviews a month from OpenTable diners. OpenTable uses this information to determine the best restaurants in each category. These winners are chosen by the diners themselves and are based on the average rating and review number of the restaurants. The results are a combination of the diners’ feedback and OpenTable’s own ranking system.

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